Sunday, January 9, 2011

Laundry Room mini makeover

I have spent last weekend packing up my Christmas items into nice big rubbermaid bins.

Notice how most of them don't have any lids. I don't know where they went. : - /

 My next project will be where to put them. I think that i have decided that i am going to put them in my attic, except that i need to put some plywood down and assemble some of the plastic shelves i have in the garage up there so that i can organize these bins. More on that later.

Besides those projects, I decided to do a mini laundry room (closet) makeover. I received a new washer and dryer for Christmas ( Thanks Dad )

It is awesome. My clothes dry in 30 min instead of the sometimes 3 to 4 hrs it used to take. I'm in heaven. Any who, the one thing that i noticed is that when my turbo washer is on the spin cycle everything that i have sitting on top of it eventually flys off.
So I thought what i needed was a shelf above the washer and a rod to line dry things on above the dryer. I found a large dowel at the hardware store and cut it to fit the half above the dryer. I think that there previously was one there but it disappeared somewhere. (My son always found sticks and turned them into swords. That is probably where it went.)

I added a small shelf above the washer to keep the soap from flying off and added a new laundry sign i got from a friend at Christmas.

I found a few baskets to organize some of my cleaning supplies,spare light bulbs and paper towels. I paid a total of 3 dollars at goodwill for the 2 smaller baskets. The larger one i already had, i think i purchased it from Ikea.

I LOVE my finished laundry closet. :)



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  1. Cute! It feels good to get organized, doesn't it? I like the loads and loads of fun sign - lol!

  2. Hi there. I love my washer and dryer like yours. Don't know what I did with out mine! I wanted to say that if stuff is coming off of your washer when it is in use, it is because it is not balanced. You can do that by tipping it back and adjusting the feet. A great way to tell if it is balanced (or level) is to use a carpenters level. Put it on the back of you washer then the front. It will save a great deal of wear and tear on your washer and make it last longer. :}