Monday, May 28, 2012

My Office

When my daughter moved back home i knew that she would take the bigger room, whew. I spent so much time fixing up this room I really didn't want anyone messing it up. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and it took me a while to get used to having an empty house. But one day I was asked if I wanted to go out after work, and my normal response had been "thanks but I need to get home" before the words come out of my mouth I waited just a second before I said " Hell ya" I didn't need to rush home or make anyone dinner. It is a weird feeling but I think I like it. Even since my daughter came back home. I haven't really changed my mode of operation. She is a young adult and if she wants to eat she can make it herself. With that being said. I worked on my next project. MY OFFICE.
I knew I needed a desk. I have bringing home alot of work and the computer cabinet that I have in my family room didn't give me alot of room for paper work.
I also need a place for my sewing machine. The little fold out table and dining room table were not cutting it anymore.So I looked on Craigslist to see if I could find anything. First I was looking for something that would fit the space I had and would function for all of the things I needed it for. I couldn't find anything. So I decided to build it myself.
Ok I had this drawer I bought from Ikea a few years back and knew i wanted to fit it under the desk for storage. So i used this and mostly the legs I bought at home depot as the guide for the height of the desk. I attached cleats to the wall to rest the desktop on and the legs would support the front of the desk.
I selected a 1/2 inch thick piece of MDF board. I know the picture is of plywood but I selected the wrong thickness. First off the thinner piece of board would have been too thin when I attached the legs. The screws would have come right thru the top. Second if I had used too thin a piece of board when my sewing machine is running the top would bounce the sewing machine right off the desk and that would have been "no bueno".
the brackets that are attached to the bottom of the desk to screw the legs in.
I screwed the table top into the cleats. You will notice that this is an L shaped desk. I was lucky that the 2 pieces of MDF fit perfectly. I didn't have to make any cuts.
I added trim to the desktop. For that I did make cuts. Yippee, for Christmas I bought myself a compound miter saw and as small the project was I was able to use it for this, but you could just as easily have used a miter box and hand saw.
I attached the trim with liquid nails and brad nailer. It is a really cheap nailer. I had to hammer them in as well, but it worked.

Primed, painted and added to holes on top for cords.
Wa La

Thanks for looking. I sure enjoyed making. Until next time. :)