Monday, October 4, 2010

How i love to spend my free time

This is a list of things i love to do in my free time.
1. Go antiquing. Whether it is the antique mall in Spring, or the cool antique shops that are all over the place
2. Visit Garage Sales, Good Will, or Salvation Army ..... to see what great things people have discarded.
3. Browse through craigslist and Kingwood yard sales .....to see what great things people have discarded.
4. Go to Canton, Tx. It's 100 acres of pure shopping bliss. http://www.firstmondaycanton.com/
5. Or what i did last Friday.....wait for it.......wait for it......



This little group of towns Round Top, Warrington, and Carmine are located between Brenham and Giddings on 290 they have tent after tent, barn after barn set up with antique dealers from all over the country.

(remember this last dresser...i'm going to attempt this look on a dresser i just bought for my son's room)

There were sooo many cauuute items and sooo many great ideas....and i have sooooo little space.

I need a bigger home. :/

I noticed alot of furniture covered in burlap or linen, even grain saks. They were all adorable. I didn't sit on anything though.. i wonder if it was comfortable or if it was itchy? Hmmmm.

I even picked up a few of my own items.
I found this green window screen that i just hung on the wall in my kitchen.
I loved the color. I'm not totally sure about hanging it there but it will do for now.
Also i found this step stool that reminds me of a yellow one my grandmother has in her house.

I know it looks crooked but that is because i failed to pull the steps all the way out...my bad.

That is all i got on this trip but i came back with tons of ideas. So stay tuned. :)