Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ta Dah

Okay now, please stop all the applause it's embarrasing. But seriously it turned out pretty nice. Maybe not as nice as this one would have been.

or this one.

But it didn't turn out half bad. And you know what? It was FREE and in my pocket book thats even better.

So you are probably forgetting what it looked like and how it got here.

Sorry the picture was a little blurry. I think its because i realized was stepping in something gross (did i mention it had been to hot to clean my garage) Anyway, As you can see it was ugly. I removed the rail thingy (thats the technical term) from the top space where drawers would have been and cut plywood to fill the empty gap. After fixing all of the drawers, removing the old hardware and filling in the holes; i sanded all of it down and primed it.

 It took me most of the weekend only because i was working on it in between "Friday Night Lights" reruns. So in between my bouts of crying and cheering for a tv show i managed to sand, prime, paint and antique my wonderful new piece of furniture.

Okay, i swear i painted the entire piece.Then I attached the back panel to the dresser.
So as you can see in this picture when a flash bulb goes off that is the only time you can see that the back panel is not painted and that my carpet is filthy. I'll get to it later.

My only regret in this entire project is that i left an important item in the back seat of my car.

Thank the Lord the weather is getting cooler, because now i have to figure out how to clean this up.

 Yep. Well, anyway.