Friday, September 24, 2010

That time of year again

I cannot believe its been a year since my first and last blog (yes i can). Now that i have my own computer i am ready to share my finds with the three of you who are my followers  world . I have decorated for Fall/ Halloween and actually have had my decorations up since the last weekend in August.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that its no wonder i am ready to move on to the next holiday but its ok. I have saved or just didn't want the neighbors to think i was batty something for just that reason. My front yard.

I am chomping at the bit to share something with you. I have been reading alot of other design blogs, and i have been envious at the items that people have renovated for their homes. I have also wondered where on earth that these people live that they can find such great garbage. After sharing with a coworker of mine ( Hey Sandi :) ) She told me about this piece of furniture that she has seen discarded on the side of the road on her way home from work. Since we travel in different directions i had never seen it. So we stealthly disappeared from the office ( I hope my dad's not reading this) to check out this piece of decorating gold. After picking up all of the pieces (lots of pieces) of the drawers that were thrown on the side of the road, i decided that i could rehab it and with a little TLC I could turn it into my tv console. Wish me luck. I am hoping to work on it this weekend and hopefully finish it this weekend.

I am a little embarrased that my garage is so dirty. It has been so hot that the garage is the last place i want to go but now that the weather is cooling down i am going to organize my stuff. Girl Scouts honor :). Anyway see the gorgeous dresser :/. Oh well if it turns out to be a total mess, it was free right.

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  1. Wow, you decorated early for the season! Looks cute. So glad you stopped by and took the time to link up!