Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Why you wanna leave me?" Part 2

I realized that i should have mentioned how i attached the fabric covered panel to the headboard. I would recommend using some heavy duty Velcro. The board is not to heavy and it should hold it in place. I however did not need to use anything yet. Remember how in the previous post i said that you should cut your panel so that it is a little smaller than the area you will be inserting it into. That is because i didn't, and i had a devil of a time trying to make it fit. I had to hammer it into the center and now that sucker is not going anywhere (I hope?)

Notice that paint can in the corner of the picture? I have totally redone this room. I painted it a very creamy yellow. I would share the color but apparently I got paint all over the label and can't read the color now. Oops :-/

After making the bed i knew that the bed needed a little something more. I found some brown polka dotted ribbon and added a little detail to the pillow cases.
Next, i knew that i needed a nightstand. I scoured over craigslist and a local yard sale webpage called kingwoodyardsales.com, but i couldn't find one that i was willing to spend that much money on. Even the thrift stores were bare. So i looked through my closet and found a cheap round table. You know the one, it's the kind that has the 3 legs that screw in and is meant to have a tablecloth put over it.

Yeah, that's the one. Yuck :-( i don't like this table, i never have. I was given a table like this by my mother when i first moved out on my own. I never had a table cloth that i liked on it and i always seamed to knock it over. But for free i was willing to give it another go. While i was at the hardware store buying paint for a lamp i was putting on the table, i wandered over to the wood trim and molding section and found the table legs there. I stood there staring at them thinking......and thinking....I wondered if the screw on the legs would fit in the holes on the table. Hmmmm. I figured if they didn't work then at $5 dollars a leg i could always return them. I couldn't wait to get home and try them out. And walla they fit. Thank You Jesus. I love it when things come together.

I painted the legs brown. I was intending to paint the cream color over them like the headboard, but right now they are still brown. Next, what to do about a tablecloth. I bought a few different patterns of fabric that i thought would coordinate with the quilt. I knew i was going to use the lighter one for the window panels. I had a bamboo shade in there that was on the dark side and didn't want it to be too dark. So i used the lighter color. I had bought more of the brown and white polka dotted fabric that i had used on the headboard except that it is in a bigger dot pattern and i also found a paisley pattern.

decisions, decisions.....I used all of them. Well kinda. The paisley is bit too busy for the quilt that has a lot going on on its own. But i did make my table cloth reversible and added the paisley to cording in order to trim it out.

I made the tablecloth short to show off my purty legs.

Next my lamp.

I went through a Shabby Chic phase. I had pink and blue roses in my bedroom. And i liked it. I have a lot of romantic items that i bought for it but when i was able to buy new bedroom furniture my tastes changed. Not too much but it deviated from Shabby Chic to Sophisticated Country. Ha! Yeah right. Its more country than sophisticated but its feminine and i love it. Anyway, i had bought this white lamp that had a white shade trimmed in fringe and it along with the other shabby items found a place in my closet. I pulled it out and figured it would have to do. I really didn't want to put too much money into this room. I just wanted to make guests feel comfortable and me too when i need it for my sewing projects. I remember watching an episode of "Sarah's House" on HGTV and she said to take the color that you see the least of in your fabric and use it to accent. So i did. In the quilt there is this green color, i took a pillow sham to the hardware store and found the green that would match and painted the lamp base. Then i took the shade and trimmed off the fringe and added the left over ribbon from the pillow cases.

I made a simple window panels out of the lighter fabric, and trimmed it with the same ribbon.
I added a few shelves and accessorized.

My room is almost finished. I need to find somewhere else to put this chair so i can find a desk and put my sewing machine on it.

Perhaps i will make one of those framed bulletin boards so i can post my ideas on it? Oh, yeah......... another project!!!!!

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  1. What a great idea to change the legs out on that table!